Are you looking for a destination for your next holiday? We are very pleased to introduce our website ideally designed for those who want to discover the magic of Western Ligurian coast!

The whole district (Riviera delle Palme and Riviera dei Fiori) has an extensive range of visitor attractions: endless days of sun, many kilometres of wild coast, well equipped private beaches, historic sites, small resorts and villages rich in heritage, special events throughout the year and a good selection of hotels, restaurants!

Take a look through these pages and you will find an outstanding selection of private beaches and a huge choice of places to stay, listed area by area from Spotorno to Imperia!

Whatever means of transport you may choose to come to Riviera Ligure and whatever method you may choose to travel around Liguria, you will find that our region is well located and within easy access of the main centres and towns of Italy and Europe.

Western Ligurian coast is a perfect setting for holidays and short breaks all year!!!!


Riviera dei Fiori and Riviera delle Palme (Ligurian coastline) have something for everyone, whatever your taste, and wherever you decide to stay, we will enjoy an excellent holiday in Liguria!


Savona Province                                  Imperia Province




Lovely seaside resort situated in theRiviera delle Palme. The  historic centre includes many “caruggi” (tipical ligurian small streets), ancient buildings and a baroque parish church. Other historic places of interest well worth visiting include ruins of the Saracen tower.

On the sea front, along the promenade you will find  luxuriant vegetation formed by exotic palms and discover some private beaches of Spotorno that offer very relaxing and colorful holidays for all the family!  Nightlife flourishes! Whatever type of accommodation you choose for your stay, here, you will find a wide selection of hotels, bed and breakfast in the most beautiful corner ofWestern Liguria! Wide choice of great value quality accommodation!

Spotorno offers many restaurants, pubs, pizzeria where you can taste local dishes!

In summer time Spotorno offers many important shows and events, one of these is “Spotorno comics” during the month of August, it is a theatre event based on comic opera.

During your stay in Spotorno, take a trip around this area and you will discover a multitude of small villages and beautiful landscape.

If you are looking for a new destination for your next holidays...Spotorno will enchant you!!!!



Noli is a small village situated in a magnificent position with a beautiful view overlooking its coloured beaches and the ligurian sea!

It has a long and fascinating story to tell! Visit the ancient Romanesquechurch ofSan Paragorio dating from the 11th century and stroll through the small streets of this nice village where you can find many shops and admire the ancient walls and the ruins of the castle situated at the top of the hill!!!

In Noli you have the opportunity to discover not only the great historical, artistic and environmental heritage of this small seaside resort but also its rich gourmet tradition!

Here you will find many restaurants that offer a wide choice of local dishes based on fish! For seafood lovers, in particular, the local fish “cicciarello”! (small fish called pesce azzurro)

Accommodation in Noli is particularly varied and plentiful: hotel, self catering flats, bed and breakfast give you a warm welcome! 

Visitors to Noli are welcome with a long list of attractions and entertainment all year round!

Noli’s lively nightlife scene centre have a wide of pubs, bars all in this small village!

Noli is guaranteed to charm and delight you, captivate and surprise yoy and welcome back again and again!



 Varigotti, in the past, was a fishing village and today is one of the most elegant seaside resorts in the Western Ligurian coast (Riviera delle Palme) thanks to good standard of quality of its private beaches! During your stay in Varigotti you will discover this beautiful, small town characterized by low yellow and pink houses situated along the waterfront and stroll through the numerous narrow streets and small places that offer an ideal area for lovers of shopping!  Do notremember to visit its monuments included the small church of San Lorenzo situated not far from the centre, very close to the ligurian sea.In Varigotti there is a wide choice of all range accommodation from hotels to private flats, bed and breakfastsVarigotti offers a variety of entertainment all year around!This enchanting village is surrounded by lovely countryside to discover! Small villages and mountains near Varigotti are delight for walkers and climbers! Varigotti boasts a wealth of  delightful pubs, restaurants, where you will taste the local cuisine!

Varigotti is the perfect place to relax, so come, visit …..and be inspired!



 Finale Ligure is one ofLiguria’s most popular coastlines with very good reason! This town is a cocktail of art, history, sport and tourism!

Finale Ligure is composed of several parts: Finalpia on the east side with the beautiful church of Santa Maria and the Benedectine Convent, Finalborgo the real heart of this enchanting town, it is the historic centre surrounded by medieval walls and dominated by Castle San Giovanni and Castel Gavone. Take a stroll along the small streets of Finalborgo and discover magnificent monuments:Church ofSan Biagio, Chiostro Santa Caterina and the archeological museum, historic buildings and pretty small places..

Finally there is  Finalmarina very close to the ligurian sea to  spend relaxing time  in one of many private beaches very well equipped that ensure a very good quality of facilities.

Finale Ligure offers a huge range of quality accommodation for you to choose from campsites and hostels for the budget conscious, self-catering apartments for families, and luxurious hotels offering world class service and facilities, you are sure to find somewhere comfortable to rest your head.

Are you a gourmet? Finale Ligure is renowned for its local cuisine! The restaurants offer local dishes based on simple and natural ingredients: fish and vegetable accompanied by a well stocked ligurian wine list!

The entertainment provided in Finale Ligure is a kaleidoscope of fun with so much for each visitor to  do and enjoy! During all year round there are many important events; particularly popular is Salone Agroalimentare Ligure (The Festival of typical ligurian food) in March!

For the sports enthusiast there is plenty of opportunity! If walking is something which attracts you why not take a walk along the “passeggiata” (promenade) an admire the view along the seafront?

For those who like mountains, a trip inland of Finale Ligure is a chance not be missed! Finale Ligure offers an interesting mixture of opportunities for attractive itineraries! These places are ideal for walkers and cyclists – sot take your pick! Don’t worry if you  haven’t your bike, cycle hire is available here! Finale Ligure and the surrounding area boast  a generous network of quiet country paths that take you through breathtaking scenery!

Finale is waiting to be discovered!!



Pietra Ligure is one of the best seaside resorts situated very close to the Ligurian sea. Thanks to the golden beaches, Pietra Ligure is an ideal town you can spend your next holidays! The ancient painted house of the historic centre and the monuments (Church ofSan Nicolò, alleyways, the ancient castle, oratorio dei  Bianchi) give to Pietra Ligure its characteristic appearance!

Pietra Ligure is also an ideal destination for lovers of good food thanks a wide range of restaurants, osterie where you will taste local dishes that are a reflection of a land of simplicity and plenty!

Events and enterainments are provide at every season: the Infiorata (designs with flowers) is one of the best events! The antique market takes place on the last weekend of every month.

To spend your holidays in Pietra Ligure is also to have ample opportunity to do all kinds of activities and sports for sightseeing and tours around the countryside!

Pietra Ligure offers a wide choice of great value quality accommodation! Hotels, residences, camping sites, studio flats are available to meet the needs of all kinds of visitors!

May we wish you a very happy holiday in Pietra Ligure!!!



This is a small but very charming seaside resort of theRiviera delle Palme in the Western Ligurian coast! Borghetto Santo Spirito offers a very relaxing stay! Here you will find numerous private beaches that offer high standard for quality and facilities.

Borghetto Santo Spirito has also a historic centre very interesting to visit: section of old walls, remains of fortification and the parishchurch ofSan Matteo!

If you decide to spend your next holidays in Borghetto Santo Spirito you will have a busy calendar of events: one of the most important is the representation of the arrival, by sea, of the Turks (first week of July).

Each night in Borghetto Santo Spirito fun is guaranteed! Entertainment is never hard to find! During the summer period You will find many events!During your stay in Borghetto Santo Spirito you will discover the typical dishes of the area thanks to numerous restaurants, trattorias, pubs!Borghetto Santo Spirito offers a complete choice of holiday accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets: hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast, flats, farms!

For lovers of art and local history an excursion to the ancient village of the “entroterra” or hinterland is well recommended! Many medieval villages are nestled among olive groves, in a unique and striking natural environment.

We wish you a very pleasant stay in Borghetto Santo Spirito!



Ceriale is a very nice resort situated along the “Riviera delle Palme” where you can find a rich variety of very well equipped private beaches.

The real heart of this small town, the historic centre, is developed near the sea. The promenade, rich in palm trees and exotic tropical plants and flowers has a stunning view on the gulf.

Those who are interested in the past, Ceriale offers an invite to take a stroll around the resort and discovers its monuments: the parish church dedicated to Santi Giovanni ad Eugenio in baroque style, an ancient tower dated 16th century, the small chapel (oratorio) of Santa Caterina and many archeological treasures in Peagna (small village situated few kilometres from Ceriale).

Ceriale offers accommodation to suit every taste and budget, a stay here is also to enjoy the local dishes in numerous restaurants, cafeterias and “osterias”! Spend a holiday in Ceriale and  you can also take part in many events: the most famous, every year, during the first week of July is represented the Saracen pirates’ attacks followed by an historical procession to remember the past of this small town! And those who like cultural events, in September, there is  the Ligurian Book Fair! Not far away the torrent Torsero furrows one of the richest fossil reserves inItaly, and it is safe-guarded as a natural park.

For those who wishing to explore the beautiful countryside, Ceriale represents an excellent opportunity to enjoy discovering the hinterland, small villages…….. 

Ceriale is also famous for its aquatic park, Le Caravelle, that is one of the biggest of the fun parks , the only one inLiguria! It  offers fun and relaxation at the same time. Visitors can lay in the sun and relax under the shade of the greenery that surrounds the swimming –polls. Here many attraction: games, dances, aqua gym, beach volley and music! 

Enjoy of what Ceriale and  surrounding have to offer by visiting our beautiful country!



 It is a very charming seaside resort situated along theRiviera delle Palme. It preserves the look and the atmosphere of a small fishing village of the past. The seafront is bedecked by colourful private and very well equipped beaches that offer a relaxing stay in the summer period.   Laigueglia is a thriving and pretty shopping centre and offers a wide range of small shops for lovers of shopping!

Laigueglia is rich in history! Take a stroll through this small seaside and admire the historic centre with monuments (Church ofSan Matteo- Oratorio of Santa Caterina – Torrione: a very old tower) and discover a maze of pathways, tiny piazzas and brightly coloured boungavillea which adorns the walls of historic buildings!. During the summer period many cultural activities take place here: music, exhibitions, shows: one of the most importants events is the International Laigueglia Jazz in June!.

Accommodation in Laigueglia is particularly varied and plentiful. Friendly hotels, self catering flats, bed and breakfast for all the tastes! In Laigueglia you will find nice and cosy restaurants, pubs, cafeterias where you can taste the typical dishes of the area!  Laigueglia has an excellent range of watersports, especially sailing and water skiing.

Laigueglia has everything to make  Your holidays perfect!





This small fishing village, in the past, was built very close to the sea. Today Cervo is one of the msot fashionable seaside resort of the Riviera dei Fiori!

Cervo, thanks to its position set amidst breathtaking scenery between the ligurian sea and mountains lets you spend an unforgettable stay! Walking through its “caruggi” is the best way to see the finer points of this pretty village!

The historic centre is situated around the baroquechurch ofSan Giovanni and  enriched by many historic buildings, small alleys and dominated by a castle that boasts/contains an interesting ethnographical museum where the past is brought to life to let you see the history and way of life in the past: a must for lovers of local history!

During your stay in Cervo why not to spend relaxing hours on a deckchair or sun-bed beneath a parasol in one of the private beaches situated along this marvellous seaside resort?

Cervo has also quality accommodation and a wide range of small hotels, camping sites, residences and bed and breakfasts.

For lovers of music Cervo is an ideal place where to stay! In summer time there are many music attractions, one of the most important is the “Festival della Musica da Camera” that attracts many visitors form all over the world! With open air concerts you will enjoy music in one of the most spectacular setting in the western ligurian coast!

Are you a gourmet? During your stay in Cervo you will taste traditional ligurian country cooking in restaurants, pubs  of the small village and you can also see arts and crafts and watch many craftsmen at work!!



 This is one of the most wellknown  seaside resorts of the Riviera dei Fiori and lies in a sheltered position, on theDianese Gulf between Diano Marina ad Cervo.

San Bartolomeo al Mare is great favourite for fun-filled seaside holidays. It’s a bright, bustling and cheerful resort, with sandy beaches and an exceptional range of attractions.

San Bartolomeo offers very well equipped private beaches that will give you a warm friendly atmosphere and a really live holiday! San Bartolomeo al Mare is proud of its beaches easily reached from the shopping area. This small town delight you with a choice of accommodation: hotels, camping sites, bed and breakfasts and residences!

Stay in San Bartolomeo al Mare and you have the possibility of spending relaxing hours walking along the “promenade” facing the sea and you may enjoy spectacular views of the ligurian landscape”. In San Bartolomeo there is plenty for visitors in the evening! You will find an abundance of coffee shops, discos, pubs, nightclubs!. For lovers of ligurian cuisine, San Bartolomeo al Mare offers a collection of restaurants, snackbars.

San Bartolomeo al Mare offers a full summer programme of events including:  the international festival of music and theatre from all nations of the world, and  theInternational Vocal and Instrumental Performance Contest "Giovani Talenti" (Young Artists) and "Premio Rovere d´Oro" (Rovere d´Oro Golden Award), both take place from June to August.

San Bartolomeo al Mare is the perfect destination for your next holidays! There is much to see and do!!

Country lovers will enjoy the beauty of the scenery and will be amazed by the variety of the county's geography. There are many quaint villages with thatched hamstone cottages down winding country lanes.




 It is one of the most lively seaside resorts situated in the Riviera dei Fiori! It lies in an enchanting bay surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation! Diano Marina  is characterized by its small streets and beautiful squares just a few minutes from well equipped beaches: an ideal holiday for all the family!. There is a great variety of accommodation in Diano Marina and the surrounding area. If you are looking for a short break inDianese Gulf  then there are many bed and breakfasts and guest houses to choose from as well as more luxurious hotels. If you are looking to stay longer or have young children you may prefer the convenience of self catering accommodation!

Once you visit this fascinating "county of contrasts" we are sure you will want to come back again and again....

Diano Marina is a charming town which provides all the needs for everyday shopping, banks, pubs and cafes.




Imperia is the county town of the region called “Riviera dei Fiori” that runs from Cervo to Ventimiglia. It is surrounded by verdant valleys and has a pleasant temperate climate all the year round.

The town consists of two parts: Oneglia and Porto Maurizio; these are is full of beautiful and interesting places to visit!

Oneglia, in past time was a village of fishermen, today is a commercial and shopping centre! During your stay take  a stroll along the characteristic arcades where the lovers of shopping will find a paradise of shops. Oneglia has lively markets twice a week, narrow streets, picturesque corners of the oldLiguria  and an eclectic mix of building styles all reflect on the continuing development of the town throughout the ages!

Porto Maurizio, with its magnificent quarter  called “Parasio” situated at the top of a hill and together with the monuments: Logge di Santa Chiara, Duomo, House of San Leonardo, create an unique landscape of great historical interest! The historic centre  is a very attractive town with a maze of pathways, tiny piazzas, coloured flowers and historic buildings.

Imperia can justly claim that it promotes more events and attractions during all the year round! The most famous are Olioliva in November that take place in Oneglia and Yacht meeting in September in Porto Maurizio

Imperia offers accommodation to suit every taste and budget (luxury hotels, residences, hotels, camping sites, bed and breakfast, farmhouses).Sport activities include tennis courts, a fully equipped swimming pool and a sport building (palazzo dello sport)

Many restaurants, bars and pizzerias are proud of their reputation for good food based on local cuisine and a distinctive cellar.

Imperia is a perfect base for those who would like to explore the surrounding area: there are many wonderful places to explore!

If you are thinking about  a relaxing holiday Imperia is for You!!!



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